Tuesday, August 23, 2005

we saw monkeys 

Birthday sucked, just one of those "all bad, all the time" days we all have once in a while. I've come to expect that kind of thing on that particular day though. God knows why.

The weekend, however, was good. On Thursday F and I woke up early, packed the car and drove up to Johannesburg. We saw monkeys running across the road and F was totally overjoyed. Cutie. We stayed with my uncle and saw some of my friends and mother's side of the family. Saturday saw the big event and our main reason for driving all the way: the wedding of my good friend, M to an honest to goodness great guy, D.

Lost my sunglasses though.

Guess you can't win them all. :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

That's a good thing too 

Was talking to a friend earlier, on MSN. We knew each other a long time ago and haven't really had much contact in the past year or so. Probably more. Naturally the conversation turns to what we've been up to all this time and somehow the topic of this very blog turns up. Who'd have thought.

Sure as hell this isn't the only perpetually neglected blog out there, I think maybe I like it that way. Maybe I like the idea of *having* it more than actually putting in the effort of writing something on a regular basis. I'm not even talking about every day. Every WEEK is regular too. Maybe I like being reminded of it every once in a while when I notice it in my Bookmarks list, still enjoying top-of-menu status due to the row of --dashes-- I put in front of the name. I like the promise of it, the potential.

I like coming back to it and writing nonsense for a paragraph or two. That's a good thing too.

And who knows, internet, maybe I will come back a little more frequently and maybe I will jot down basic little bits about what I did today or in the last 7 days. You'd like that wouldn't you?

W's birthday on wednesday at Hemisphere - felt a little bad about being the one to buy him the (horrifically strong) drink that finally pushed him over the edge and into the bowl. You know which bowl I'm talking about. At least I had one with him. The drink that is, not the... bowl.

Felt crappy most weekend, D's 18th party on saturday. Note: avoid partying with 18 year olds as far as possible, they have a hard time organising themselves. Ordered pizza on sunday. Yes, it was the kind of weekend where ordering pizza is a highlight.

Monday's highlight was talking to D on MSN for three hours.

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