Monday, March 07, 2005

the Guinness tastes SOOO good here 

Faith and I made it to Northern Ireland. We had quite a bit of drama initially. Her flights were not only overbooked, but delayed, recalled, diverted, undercooked and overpriced. She ended up in London HOURS after she was supposed to have arrived in Dublin. They offered to fly her out to Dublin the next morning, but since she would just have had to switch planes to catch our flight BACK to London, she declined. Then they lost her luggage. For three days.

It was all good though, we went on a quick shopping jaunt to get her some clothes (to be paid for by the offending airline naturally) and met up with Faith's sister and sister's baby. Cutest kid ever, besides my own nephew of course.

And now we're in Coleraine with my brother and his wife and the aforementioned nephew. We're both a little sick with some flu that's been going 'round here, but it means that we've both gotten some good resting done. And it meant we weren't tempted to pack our days full of 'the things to do while on vacation', which would just have screwed up the whole point of taking a vacation in the first place.

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