Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I'll see you when you get there 

I may or may not post much for the next month or so. I have really tough exams coming up and not enough time to study.

Then again, the added frustration from sitting around studying all day may just fuel my need for a creative outlet and/or venting forum.

So we'll see.

(I do have some good stuff lined up though, stuff that I want to build up to before throwing them out there. So stick around.)

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Turdbag I may be, but I have tabbed browsing. 

jesus, I've been writing a lot lately. And not one little bit for this site. except for that last little bit which was just me being nerdy.

I'm writing more because of an amazing little place called www.okcupid.com. (Check it out, you'll know if you like it. I advise at least doing the personality test and reading the faq) It's a personals site and it's free. And I can die happy now, because I never thought I'd ever have the privilege of wriing THAT sentence.

The point. The point is that I'm writing so much because all these cool people are sending me messages and I'm sending messages of my own. I'll post excerpts from some of the (my) more interesting correspondence once I get time to go through it.

My fav okcupid moment was when I uploaded photos and the site told me: "By the way, you're a turdbag for using Opera in Windows." That's just priceless.

Monday, April 05, 2004

No.1 in service 

Heather, I am so going to update soon, ok?

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